100% Made in Italy

All our original products, from design through to finishing, are made in our premises in Italy. This ensures continual quality, an ecological approach to raw materials and fair policy for the workforce.

...for over 50 Years

Since 1963, SMAC has been producing high quality solutions to its customers. Being one of the first manufacturers in the region, SMAC has positioned itself as a significant producer, whilst retaining the orginal family ideologies.

Smac Cornici: Classical Contemporary

Classical Contemporary

This family of frames consists of various collections that have a common factor in the use of finishes. Based on classic designs, influences are revisited and applied to the present classic-modern furnishing.

Smac Cornici: Metal


Line inspired by the simplicity and purity of the material. Produced with two types of finishes, satin and polished aluminum. The colored aluminum is produced in a wide range of colours.

Smac Cornici: Modern


This family reflects a fundamental part of our production of frames. With modern and contemporary influence, we have combined the unique design with an emphasis on innovative and richness of finish. Steel,  lacquers and color finishes are used in tune with decorative world trends.

Smac Cornici: Natural Wood

Natural Wood

This line consists of contemporary frames with a wooden trim. Simultaneously blending clean lines and colours with the natural wood fibers